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March 21, 2020 by Sanjeev 0 Comments

Your pitch deck needs more than just content

Either you’re getting ready for an important investor meeting or some serious business deal or just need to tell a bunch of people about your business, a document that can deliver all the necessary information always comes in handy. A Pitch Deck plays a vital role in covering all the major aspects of your brand, consisting of information about the business ideas, its vision and mission along with the numeric data that supports your theory. 

Focusing on the content is important but the way to present it is also equally crucial. A self-explanatory pitch deck helps you in your presentation and works as an add-on to your presentation skills. No wonder if the presentation looks good it will have a positive impact on the spectator. Increasing the quality and brand value of your business in addition to giving your pitch deck the premium touch creates a measurable difference.  

So, here are few things to look in a pitch deck from a designing point of view:

  1. Go with the brand: your pitch deck needs to be exclusive and tell people that it belongs to your brand. There are few key things that a brand follows to own it (i.e color scheme, font style and the use of various elements). Following those guidelines will help in establishing a connection in a pitch deck to your brand.
  2. The design should speak the content: one more major thing to note is that text on its own doesn’t convey much. Making an impression is crucial, speak the language that our minds understand better. Present it with infographics, pictures, icons, and chart where ever it seems possible.
  3. Focus on what’s important: design is a very powerful tool if used properly. It has a few certain ways of implications where importance can be given to certain things while diminishing few things in the gray area.
brand guide

Using any tool(online/offline) these points can be implemented across all applications by a beginner or a professional designer. Keeping these few things in mind the final pitch deck can create some serious positive impact on your presentation. 

You can visit our work portfolio to see some examples of the same and feel free to contact more on this topic.

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